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Memorials can be manufactured and supplied in a number of suitable materials including Granite, Marble, Slate and Sandstone.

Granite Stone Sample - BlackGranite
The hardest of materials used, is an igneous rock, formed when a combination of huge pressure and resulting heat make the material molten/liquid. Once cooled and solidified the various minerals in the rock, produce a wide variety of colours. Once polished the colour is both long lasting and very hardwearing.

Marble Sample - WhiteMarble
A metamorphic rock, created largely by heat and pressure, but not to the point of becoming liquid. Before the effects of heat and pressure alter the rock, marble is commonly formed from limestone and many limestones are composed from skeletal fragments of marine organisms. White Cararra marble is the most notable of the materials used in the monumental trade. Its purity of colour has made it a favourite medium for sculptors throughout the ages. It will polish, but the polish fades when exposed to the elements in any exterior use.

Slate SampleSlate
A metamorphic rock, derived from an original clay or volcanic ash sedimentary rock. Once again heat and pressure change the sedimentary rock into a harder stone that in the United Kingdom is quarried in North Wales and the Lake District. It is a preferred material for Church yards with typically a dark grey/green colour.

Yorkstone SampleYorkstone
A sedimentary rock composed of common minerals such as, Quartz and Feldspar. Although the softest of the materials used for the manufacture of memorials; it remains popular because of its simplicity. Usually Tan or Brown in colour; it is not hard enough to take a polish, but is an excellent medium to carve and letter.